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2017 Writing & Pitch Competition Quarter-Finalists

May 2, 2017 7:47PM


We are proud and excited to present this talented group of storytellers! 

Bert Adams Security!
Jay Adams Downward Departure
Timeelah Adamson Love Ordained
Bill Albert In the Shadows of November
deborah allen Ambivalent Chef
deborah allen La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle
Jason Ancona The Monarch Guild
Anthoney Andersen The Crazy Adventures of Maximus and Lola
Christopher Andre Stranded
Christopher Charles Baker State of Ethan
Daven Baptiste Uncle Woozy's Magical Trunk of Extrordinary Things
Daven Baptiste Yes and…
Michael Barbuto Ash Global
Frank Barranca Wingwoman
Julia Bellehumeur The System
Joshua Bennett Six Degrees of Deception
Jim Bernfield Hacks
Darren Bevill Lovecraft
Melynda Bissmeyer Society Cons
Christopher Blackwell Double Vengeance
Roger Blonder Philucifer
Jennifer Bouani Loose Canon (Pilot)
Laura Linda Bradley Laura Show
Theo Breaux Then What Happened?

Freedom Bridgewater Let Freedom Reign
Dylan Brody As Real As it Gets
Vincent Brown Rising Sun
mike brown Woman of Great Spirit
Brendan Byrne Walkers
Oliver Mack Calhoun Set Life Script
Chris Calzia Black Hole Mojo
Elodie Cammarata Killer Mom
Lilly Camp Heathens Pilot
Alfred Thomas Catalfo Oil and Water
Debbie Clark No Room For Trouble
michael cochran Funhouse
Katie Cocquyt The Ghosts of Magnolia Grove
Luis  Colon For the Music
Russell Comber Falling Out
Cecilia Copeland Talatrics
Sharon Correa Crystal 
Dana Cowden Cure
Caroline Cox Wild Kitchen
Stuart Creque Stoners Vs. Vampires
Ryan Cross Jump Out Boyz
Michael Cummings American Dreamers
Michael Danon Adult Life of Dick and Ted
Marcelle A. Davis Lazarus- Pilot Episode
Mike De Caro Ithaca
Ludovico de Maistre The World in Slow Motion - Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk
Alex deCourville Pinheads Pitch Video
Aadip Desai White Knuckling
David Di Pietro The Transhumans
Francis DiClemente Beyond the Glass
Claudia DiMartino 2118
Thad Donovan Broken
Louis Eugene Making It Work
John Everett The Murder Gram
Chiara Farina Svarga
Peter Ferriero Make Room For Danny
Michael  Flores Temporary Insanity
Chelsea Frei Hostess
David Gaffney Dark Consequences
Sean Galloway Crockett & Tubs: An American Adventure
Tommy Garcia Tortas y Mas!
Chris Gebhardt Techycardia
Ian Gilbertson Dirty Paws & Kitty Cat Claws: Raining Cats & Dogs
Leland Gill Quantum Hiils
Rick Gonzales Kodachrome
Marcus Goodwin The Exchange
Maarten Goulooze Mr. Miltwood
Staci Greason Phoenix Rising
Jason Green Dead Air
Ellen Greenberg Ruses are Red
Reggie Greene !00% Sketch Comedy Show
James Griffiths Puppets
Jomel Guanzon Between Love & Faith
Hilliard Guess Man Made Plague
Hilliard Guess South Philly
Brett Guida Endless Seven
Fran Gully Make Our Officials Accountable
Jack Gunter Wally Winchester: book one
Jack Gunter Wally Winchester: Egg Rocker
Jack Gunter Wally Winchester: Soft Focus
Paul Haddad Paradise Palms - Pilot
Paul Haddad Isabelle's Starting to Happen - Pilot
Ada Lee Halofsky Throwing Shade
Tiela Halpin The Adventures of Kitty Zombie
Lisa Hammer The Willows
Ken Hanenberg Lucky Lefty
Andrea Harding Across The Pond
Kortney Hartz Forester
Ace Hasan Word of Mouth
Ace Hasan Somato
Dan Hass The Upside of Over
patrick helfrich MindScrape
Jack Henslee What Ever Happened To
Jack Henslee 'N' Word
Patty Hickman Blood Collectors
Patty Hickman Fallen Angels - Pilot 'A Good Man is Hard to Find'
Jack  Hicks Borders
David Hill Larry's Best Friend
Hollis (Hollie) Himmelman In-Dependents
Jason Hindo Downy Piss
Elizabeth Hinnant Art Squad
Benjamin Hinnant First Cut
Benjamin Hinnant Gundown
Greg Hopkinson Boundless
Courtney Houston Clean The Streets Project
Matt Hubsher Signal
Caullen Hudson How to Rob
Lynn Hunter The Dooples
Abdullah Idrees Life-22 - Posthumous
Harker Jones Never Have I Ever
Jenny Joslin Dumas script
Jimmy Kelly Rogue Hero: Or How I Got My Mom Her Job Back
Timothy Kestrel Rangers
Timothy Kestrel Rangers - Video Pitch
Eugene Khazin HELL Inc. 
Ai Kiyono inFORTYlity
Benjamin Kramer Propaganda
Jeffrey Langham Father, Forgive Me "Past Sins"
Rico Lara-Marin Owner Of A Lonely Heart
TaeSun Lee Dead Dancers Society
TaeSun Lee A kind of the State
TaeSun Lee Mad Extras
TaeSun Lee Poem-haters
TaeSun Lee Boy Scout_no.555
Ted Leger Shady Valley
Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel The Experiment
Devin Leonard After Midnight
SCOTT LIAPIS Hunters Pointe
Paul Loeschke Beltway Bandits
Rich Logis Honest Abe
Jeff Mahoney Killer Shrimp
Christopher  Manson Moguls
Aaron Mara Dick - Ep. 101 - Pilot
Joseph Marrino Sold Short
Chris Marshall Granted
Chris Courtney Martin Prodigal
Wally Marzano-Lesnevich Train
Christina Masciotti Ways and Means
Kahlil Maskati Amir Was Here (Pitch)
Ryan McChesney Sunday Morning
Kevin McKeown Peacho Bando: The Last Laser-Hunter
Rod McLachlan Reclamation
David Meadows Thing with the Guy
Francisco Mendoza Land Most Loved
Irfan Merchant Hardmode
David Minaskanian Ms. Littlefield - Pilot
William Monette Next Great Comedy Show
Jeffrey Morin Roona
Kristen Motley Swing State
Ewan Muir Kayfabe
Michelle Murad  Jewish by Association
Aron Myers Book club
Paul Nash Bay's End
Viet Nguyen Soldier of Fortune
Mary Nguyen Dark Comedy
Alessandro Nicolaci Ellis
Esa Nurminen Muffia Family
Esa Nurminen Esther Code
Seregon O'Dassey Absynthia
Erich Onzik Rubbers
Abhilassh P Bhattacharrya Steve Brown and his Seve Secrets
Micah Paisner Best Rate Guaranteed
Demitra Papadinis Wonderful (w/ WGAw info)
Gordon Phipps Antonia Always - Antonia Joins the Union 
Kevin Piazza Desolate
Heidi Putallaz Millennial Rules
Heidi Putallaz Millennial Rules
Luis Remesar Ignominy
Jason  Roberts Lie. Cheat. Kill.
Brandon Robinson The Lost Ones
Joanne Rose You Had Me At Aloha
Paul Rose Jr Daddy's Girl
Leigh Rudd Fashion Sharks
Jennifer Rudin Lucy in the Sky
Natalie Sanchez Papryka
Mark Sarian Last Resort
William Luke Schreiber Hard Dead Nazi Dick
Alexandra Segel Masters & Demons
Todd  Serlin Disruption
Alexander Shifman Crossed Swords
Mark Snelling The Order Sanctus
Theodore Soderberg Mob Chick
Malcolm J. Solomon Darnell
Ben Soper Devil in Evelyn
Brooke Sorenson Above
Sandra Stoodley Treasures within Act 1
Monique Sypolt SEC-5 
Mike  Targus Mr. Everything
Xia Judy Tatum New Millennium
Scott Marshall Taylor Andy Pansky's A Corporate Lackey
Scott Marshall Taylor Mr. Dave Show Show
Steven Terrezza Mysterious Roots
Joe Thristino Veeck City
Hamish Tildesley Breakers
Aaron Toronto Rezball
Marisa Torre A Pearl Before Swine
Michael Toth Born in Blood
Sergio Tronco The Knowledge of the Night
Darryl Udell My Moms Better than yours!
Judy Vann Albert's Lie 2015
Judy Vann Save Kill Father Son
Tychicus Vasquez Bishop 
Ri Versteegh Reluctant Living
Ri Versteegh Dinner with Comedians
Ri Versteegh Sister Pact
Ri Versteegh Stay until you're dead
Arthur Vincie Spectral City Pilot
Shell Walker-Cook Bandit Day Operation Sandman
Ryan Scott Warren Fuller
David White Silencers
Dan Whitehead Disconnected
Luke Yankee The Lavendar Mofia
Yaron Yarkoni Shish Kebab Western

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