The Entertainment Industry has changed! Hollywood's top decision-makers are scouring the web, looking for independent artists like you to generate tomorrow's great content.

ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA began as an $85 short film, HBO’S “In Treatment” was found on Israeli television, the documentary, COCAINE COWBOYS, is being remade by Bruckheimer with MARK WAHLBERG starring. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY began as an $11,000 indie film and has now grossed nearly $500 Million as a franchise.

All because the right people saw their work!

But finding filmmakers like YOU hidden in the vast sea of internet content has become the real challenge. We have created this competition to bring Industry Leaders from around Hollywood to YOU.

Whether you are a highly developed filmmaker, or have raw talent and untapped potential…by submitting your work, you are taking a significant step towards accessing the very top circles of the entertainment industry.


Our Finalists' work will be chosen for originality, execution and most of all, the potential for being adapted as successful television content.

This year we have added a Feature Film category; we’ll look for those that can either be adapted OR can stand on their own as features in today’s actual marketplace.

Check out our incredible panel of JUDGES to see just how much excitement this competition has generated in the entertainment industry.

Submit your Web Series, Shorts, TV Pilots, Features, Docs, Trailers, Pilots, Teaser (etc…) for a chance to win CASH and PRIZES, but most of all ACCESS and EXPOSURE



We welcome all genres:
Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Animation, SCI-FI, Reality Shows, Horror, News Magazines, Content For Commercials and everything in between!

We have combined a Web Series Competition, TV Pilot Competition and a Short Film Contest because great content is valuable no matter what platform it begins on.

Writing Competition