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NexTv is a new kind of company, born out of a new era in the entertainment industry. Utilizing resources from New Media and Established Hollywood, the following is our mission:

  • To find the best content (and talent) from around the web, then repackage it for mainstream television and feature films.
  • To connect cutting-edge writers, actors, filmmakers and all content-generators with the entertainment industry’s most relevant decision-makers.
  • To leverage our massive online community of content-creators, as well as our relationships with high-level industry professionals, to address the great opportunities that 21st century technology has provided for the entertainment industry.


“A lot of TV-pilot contests out there end up rewarding the best production value or the films with a D-list celebrity, but this one really values the good TV ideas.”

Paul Thomas Creator of BEING CIVIL. Web Series & Short Film Competition Finalist, 2009

"If you want the Oscar-caliber of attention from a competition this is it. Randy Becker recognizes talent, hard work and the fierce independent spirit so many production companies have and rewards you with exposure for your achievement. He raised the bar and we intend to follow through."

Tara MacDonald, Winner Web Series and Short Film Competition, 2009. EVERYTHING BURNS

“NexTV Entertainment’s competitions are the real deal. Just by virtue of participating, my work has gotten in front of “A” list industry professionals and I’m currently in dialogue with the decision makers I’ve been trying to reach for a long time.”

Jorge Rivera, Creator of RHYME ANIMAL. Web Series and Short Film Competition Finalist, 2009

“NexTV is great competition because it’s a barometer for the multitude of development ideas that spark my brain. Some ideas which are good and some ideas that need to be dropped like a bad habit. Either way, this competition is good for both.”

Brigham Cottam, winner of Best Unscripted Comedy for WRESTLING WITH THE UNKNOWNS

“When I was informed that I had won the best-in-category for Drama in the NexTv Web Series & Short Film Competition my life was changed dramatically. I got huge coverage at the Israeli's media TV, radio channels and newspapers and I am sure it will help me a lot in the future. Having said that as a foreign film Randy Becker personally helped me to fill the gap, brought my film in to CAA, ICM and other relevant places around town and, to this day, is helpful and supportive. From the first time I was in touch with the NextV competition, I felt like at home and got personal relation not like in any other competition I participated. The way I was treated along the way was big surprise for me – the people at NexTv truly appreciated my work and wanted to see me succeed. Finally, I want to to thank Randy personally for the opportunity he gave me and the leading in these wild roads”

Omer Zigdon (Best Scripted Drama, BANISKO)

We are truly in the GOLDEN AGE of the independent artist. PEOPLE IN THE SYSTEM REVERE THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CREATE CONTENT OUTSIDE OF IT. "New Media" is still the great unknown being explored by both established institutions and artists, independent of corporate ties and interests. "New" talent is being mined for its connection with a new generation of consumers, rather than stigmatized, as in the past, for having not yet figured out a way in. The obstacles are still in place for those trying to break in, but the tools for doing so are exponentially more accessible.

In short, YOU are at the very center of today's entertainment industry.

You are a content-generator, and...


So, instead of feeling undervalued for the work that you do, realize that as long as you continue to generate ideas, write relevant material and/or produce your work, you are one of the pioneers of this exciting new era and THERE IS A LIVING FOR YOU TO BE MADE IN THIS INDUSTRY. The trick, of course, is creating the path to your goals, rather than waiting for one to appear.
At NexTv Entertainment, we don't just want to be the vehicle that helps artists GET IN THE DOOR, we want to help artists create the building that the door is connected to.

We are building a network of companies from across the globe who are dedicated to bridging the gap between new media's great unknown and Hollywood's established machine.


Randy Becker – Founder, CEO

Randy Becker began his career as an award-winning professional actor starring on Broadway, in studio features, indie fare and mainstream television.

In 2000, Randy formed Louder Films, an independent production company geared specifically towards fostering “avant garde” films and theater. He produced the critically acclaimed and sold-out run of Tennessee Williams' TIGER TAIL, on 42nd Street in New York City (NYC Premiere), then the award-winning short film, EZEKIEL (Cannes Film Festival) (inspired by the Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jenut's classic, DELICATESSEN) before partnering with a former acting manager of his to form Acuna Entertainment (AE).

AE was, essentially two companies; a literary management company and a film/tv production company with the shared mission of transitioning writers to filmmakers. By producing select client-originated material, AE gave its literary clients a chance to direct their own films, often marking their directorial debut. They did this for several of their literary clients, the last production before Randy left, being THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD, starring John Malkovich, Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks.

With Becker in charge of all things creative, AE set up projects at many of the major and mini-major film studios and television networks, shared clients with agencies such as CAA, ICM, WME and helped Becker build deep relationships on both the creative and business side of the industry.

In January, 2009, Randy Becker went off on his own to form NexTv Entertainment. Calling on his history as an artist, his relationships and experience in the business side of the entertainment industry and his profound recognition of a changing landscape, Becker has committed his company to finding that place where artists, business interests and cutting-edge technology compliment each other most effectively.


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